Playing with the Italian language

Whenever I am travelling abroad, paying a visit to a local bookshop is obligatory.

As in many other cities, in Rome I had the opportunity of going to a bookstore while further nurturing my obsession for train stations. 

When I walked in, I had only planned on looking aorund for a while, of inhaling the relaxing atmosphere that becomes perceptible especially when peacefully observing stressed-out individuals.

Little did I know that an Italian friend would start texting me – and that in the matter of a few seconds we would invent a little game more than adequate for our age group 😉

She asked me some questions and told me how her day was going while I tried to find books whose titles could serve as answers.

I think you can immagine how much fun it was – and how psychotic I seemed frantically running from one end of the bookstore to the other with the sole ambition of taking the next photo.

I whole-heartedly recommend you try out this game when you are in a country  where a language you know is spoken. I think it is an extraordinary way of playing around a bit with the language, of getting creative and maybe even of finding a book you might be interested in!!