Sweet Italy

Yes, Christmas is over. Even the 6th of January already passed by and someone seems to have decided to gently remove the Christmas decoration from the city. (Yet I thought this photo was too nice not to post) 🙂

But maybe it is natural that ideas are born in the first weeks of the year: when suddenly everything is over and you are left with the same strange stale feeling you get when your friends leave your house after a party and you want to holler after them “don’t leave!!”.

Anyways! In a desperate attempt to be less oblivious to my surroundings I started researching what sfogliatelle and cannoli exactly where after I had seen them in a bakery shop. I always knew that Italy had an incredibly rich world of pastries and baked goods to offer.

Watching baking video after baking video, I came across verbs, collocations and precious proper names – all of them effortlessly rolled off the tongues of the protagonists.

Frullare” and “pastafrolla” seemed particularly delightful, while “crostata” reminded me too much of a “crust” to be appealing. “Carta da forno” was logical, as was “maizena”. “Farcitura” left me puzzled, just as “bagnomaria“. But the “ciliegina sulla torta” or rather, icing on the cake, was “mattarello”, meaning “rolling pin”. Who would have guessed?!

And, being over-enthusiastic as always, I am now picturing pleasant specialized conversations about “dolci italiani” and their preparation, excelling with my refined knowledge.