"The Entrepreneurial Linguist" by Dagmar and Judy A. Jenner

The Entrepreneurial Linguist. The Business-School Approach to Freelance Translation – a book I highly recommend!

I had read articles by Dagmar Jenner, a successful, seasoned Vienna-based professional in the translation business before when she was featured  on our student representatives’ website.

While researching first steps for aspiring freelance translators and interpreters, I stumbled upon “The entrepreneurial linguist”, a book published by Dagmar and her sister Judy in 2010. I immediately knew I wanted to purchase it and was not disappointed.

Virtually every single page of the book contains valuable, insightful and/or inspiring information on setting up a translation/interpretation business and provides you with information on the “entrepreneurial side” of translation you rarely hear about in your regular translation classes.


The book provides an excellent overview of what to expect realistically, which difficulties may arise throughout your carrier as a freelance translator/interpreter and how to handle various situations smartly.

I particularly enjoyed the “case studies” in which the authors Dagmar and Judy analyze situations from their own professional life and explain how they dealt with them. I definitely can see myself re-reading various chapters and following through with Dagmar’s and Judy’s most valuable advice.

I cannot but rate the book five stars out of five as it is as insightful as it is motivating and inspiring!